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                      3 EASY STEPS

  1. Determine how many people you would like to feed.
  2. Select the menu items you would like to serve your guest.
  3. Choose one of the pick up or delivery options.
Pulled Pork           12
Beef Brisket          15
Baby Back Ribs ~   
Half Rack              14
Full Rack               22  
Mac n Cheese, Potato Salad, Fork n Beans, Jamaican Greens, Slaw, Camp Walton Stew, BBQ Sauces
Sides~            Pint        Quart      Gallon     Full tray
Serves~          2-4           6-8          30-35      60-80
Price~             $6            $10            $35         $65 
Bulk Pick Up * Delivery * Full Service * Cook on Site * Event Catering *
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